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In Rajasthan, every year lakhs of candidates appear for the REET exams, but only a few can crack it. The only reason behind this failure is the lack of effective preparation. Just as a student needs to prepare well for school & college exams; similarly, the REET exam also requires proper preparation which is not possible without the help and guidance of the experts. No doubt, you might have access to lots of resources. But if you do not know how you must study and revise effectively; you will end up in a state of despair no matter how much you try. This is the reason behind the origin of mock test concept.

By appearing for the mock tests, the students get the experience of sitting in an actual exam. At the same time, they also get to know the exam pattern. By appearing for these mock tests regularly prior to the exam. The students get help in gaining great confidence. The same goes for previous year question papers.

In this article, we will be discussing a few of the numerous benefits of practicing mock tests for REET preparations.

Helps in Familiarizing the Student with the Exam Environment

As their name suggests, mock tests are a mock of the real exam; they give the students an authentic feel and experience of the exam. This way, students are mentally prepared to appear for the exam and do not get startled by the environment of the exam room. Mock tests are made as per the actual paper & familiarize students with all the technicalities of the real test.

Improves Time Management

Practicing the mock tests makes the students understand how much time they are taking in each segment or each question. This way, they get a fair idea about how much time is to be allotted to each entity in order to complete the paper in due time. Most of the students fail to achieve the cutoff marks because they are unable to solve all the questions as they end up lacking time for them. Mock tests teach them to manage their time effectively so that they can attempt all the questions they know and boost their overall score.

Prevents Nervousness and Boosts Confidence

The REET Mock Tests help the students in overcoming the performance pressure, which they might feel on the exam day. They help the students get comfortable with the setup on the exam so that they do not get nervous and can give the exam confidently. This boosts the confidence of the students and helps them perform much better, thereby increasing their overall score in the REET exam.

Revision of the Complete Syllabus for Preparation

One common problem that most of the students face is that as time passes, they start forgetting the topics or chapters which they have completed earlier. Due to the lengthy syllabus, effective preparation is also scarce. Mock Tests are exclusively curated in such a manner that they cover all important topics of the syllabus. Therefore, solving them will help the students a comprehensive revision of the entire syllabus effectively and help them to retain all the previously learned topics till D-day.

Gives an idea about the Paper Pattern

Solving mock tests will help the students know about the pattern of the REET Exam, such as the marking scheme, the weightage of each section, the time allotted for the paper, and much more. This will give them a first-hand experience of the pattern, thereby improving their chances to score better.

Helps in Identifying your Strengths and Weaknesses

Solving Mock Tests will help you in identifying which sections are your weak in and which sections are your forte. This way, you will know which segments you must emphasize more on and which segments can be prepared in less time. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will allow you to strategize better for the REET Exam.

Helps in overcoming the Phobia of Exam

Due to the Mock Tests, the students get acquainted with the idea and environment of the exam. This makes them used to it, thereby removing any stress or anxiety associated with it. It can greatly help the students who have exam phobia to get over it and perform well in their exams.

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