Chairman’s Message :

Dear Students,

I welcome you all to “Coaching Wale”-an e learning solution to all your preparatory needs for entrance examinations. Here, you will get access to video lectures, test series and explainers on the widest range of subjects. Our previous successful endeavours in the field of education have inspired us to take a step further and venture into this online mode of learning, besides the offline modes we have been providing so far. Education is the pre-requisite to prepare oneself in facing the forthcoming challenges of life. Besides imparting knowledge, education plays a vital role in imbibing wisdom to make crucial life decisions and ethics to decide between the right and the wrong. The pedagogy has largely remained the same over a long period of time. But with increasing social disparities, it has become imperative to introduce new tools of teaching and learning to make learning accessible to students from all strata of society. E-solutions to modern day problems have become a new trend. Contributing our bit to this evolving trend, we have introduced our E-learning platform ‘Coaching Wale’ to make learning easy and affordable. Subject Matter Experts have been chosen rigorously to provide a superior learning experience. Today, when “Work from home” is being embraced readily by both small-sized and big-sized organizations, “Learn from home” is sure to hit the right chord. Removing the unnecessary burden of commuting and paying exorbitant fees to coaching institutions, our e-solution brings experts from all over India at the comfort of your home. The lessons can be accessed by the students any time according to their individual pace of learning. Some of the best coaching institutes for entrance examinations are confined to a few select cities in the country and demand huge fees. Only those who can afford to pay the huge amount are privileged to get admission there. Those who are not well-off have to depend upon locally available resources and are deprived of expert guidance.

with our endeavour, we try to exemplify the fact that sky is not the limit in the pursuit of excellence. The aim of our platform is to promote a system of integral education with the help of some of the brightest minds of the country in imparting knowledge. A number of courses will be providing a wealth of learning opportunities to students that would serve as an essential stepping stone to a fulfilling life and career. The launch of our website has made us an integral part of the realm of a completely different and innovative approach of imparting knowledge. In the past few years, we have seen a boom in the number of online coaching providers and in the number of aspirants seeking these courses. The future of education now lies in online delivery of courses, which is quick to access and very convenient for aspiring students.

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of everyone from my team in converting my vision into reality. I wish they continue with their efforts to make this opportunity reach milestones and benefit the learning community. To the students, I assure you that our teaching methods will contribute towards a better understanding of various subjects and instil confidence to crack some of the most difficult examinations one faces.

Best Wishes

Prof. (Dr.) B.S. Tomar

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